Flexispy The Best Mobile Monitoring App
flexispy There are many different options available for those looking to purchase digital device monitoring software, but FlexiSPY, an industry leader for over a decade, is the best option because of the wide range of features it offers and its capabilities.

What is FlexiSPY?
FlexiSPY is software that, once installed on a smartphone or tablet, allows the individual who installed it to monitor the activity of that device through an online control panel accessed through their PC. But this isn’t just simple cellphone tracking or location monitoring—FlexiSPY software is essentially an entire monitoring toolkit, with tons of features that give you convenient access to all data related to the targeted device. The best part is that your target will never know; FlexiSPY software does not trigger antivirus warnings and it is easily hidden from sight on the target phone itself.

FlexiSPY Features
FlexiSPY software is loaded with useful features that can help you keep tabs on your loved ones, keep your children safe, and protect your business interests. Please note that not all features are available on all platforms (Android, iPhone, Symbian, and BlackBerry) and that some may require you to root the device (but they will walk you through this).

Spy on Calls

  • Call interceptallows you to listen the phone conversation live as it happens. What is really awesome is that you can set up FlexiSPY to alert you when certain numbers make contact with the monitored phone, allowing you to call the target phone and listen to call as it is happening.
  • Record calls allows you to set up FlexiSPY to record both incoming and outgoing calls to/from certain numbers. You can then download these recordings or listen to them directly.
  • Call logging lets you see missed calls, calls that were deleted from the device, the details of the contact (including the phone number), and see the time and duration of the call.
  • Listen to and record phone surroundingsby turning the target phone into a bug. This way, you can hear what is going on around the phone when it is not in use.
  • Use Facetime as a spy cam by secretly turning on the mic and the video so that you can see and hear what is going on around the phone.

Spy on Messages

  • Read SMS and MMS messagesand see not only with whom the target phone is in contact but the content of the messages, including any pictures or video that may be contained within it. You can even download the media content in the MMS messages.
  • Send fake SMS messages with Spoof SMS. With this feature, you can send messages to other phones that look like they are from the contact’s phone. This can help you get more information out of an individual who would otherwise not speak to you, or set up a meeting.
  • Delete SMS messages containing certain keywords by setting up your FlexiSPY account to acknowledge certain words in incoming text messages and delete them before they ever appear in the target phone’s inbox.
  • Read e-mailswith e-mail tracker, both content and any media that is sent. You can also find out the details of the contact.

Spy on Passwords

  • Spy on passcodes by installing FlexiSPY on the target phone while the owner has it unlocked. After this, you can know the passcode used on any iPhone or Android mobile device.
  • Spy on application passcodes. Some individual apps require a separate username and/or password to access them. With FlexiSPY, you can gain access not only to an iPhone or Android’s main passcode, but also those that are needed for applications.
  • Spy on email passcodes

Spy on GPS
View where the target phone/device has been and track where it is going using FlexiSPY’s location tracking feature

Spy on IM Chats
FlexiSPY is able to monitor the most popular IM services and accommodate the different ways in which they operate, meaning that you will never miss a message. IM services supported include the following: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, iMessage, BBM, Blackberry PIN, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts, KIK.

Spy on Multimedia
FlexiSPY allows you to see what video, image, and audio files the target phone’s user has on their device, both that which they created and that which they have stored from an outside source.

Spy Remotely

  • RemCam allows you to use the target phone’s camera to take a picture of its present location. You can then use your online account to view the image. And all of this is done without the target phone user’s knowledge.
  • Remote control via SMS allows you to control the target phone by using your own phone to send commands via SMS. This is a great option for those who do not always have access to their PC, but still want to check on the target phone.

Spy on Applications
With FlexiSPY, you can easily look into the target phone’s calendar, notes, address book, and even their installed programs and their activities on them.

FlexiSPY Packages
FlexiSPY offers two different packages to its customers, FlexiSPY EXTREME and FlexiSPY PREMIUM.

FlexiSPY Premium gives users a multitude of features, more than one usually sees in basic packages. Depending on the type of phone being targeted, the FlexiSPY Premium customer can expect to be able to view all SMS and MMS messages, obtain a record of all calls, both incoming and outgoing, monitor application and internet usage, and gain access to all media files present on the device. Pricing is as follows:

  • $68 for a one month subscription
  • $99 for a three month subscription
  • $149 for a 12 month subscription

The Premium package for FlexiSPY software offers more than most of its competitors, and many users find that it more than suits their monitoring needs. But for those who want a little bit more, there is the FlexiSPY EXTREME plan.

When you have the FlexiSPY EXTREME software, nothing is hidden from you (though it will depend on the device). You can spoof SMS, listen to live calls, use the phone as a bug to record its surroundings, receive call notifications, and have access to a password cracker—and that’s in addition to everything that the Premium plan offers. The basic difference between the two plans is that the EXTREME plan gives you more access to the target device, but more than that, it has the ability to turn the device into a tool that can be used for monitoring not just phone activity, but that which is going on its surroundings. The target phone is essentially a bug that you can turn on and off and use at your leisure. Of course, these features come at a price: $199 for a three month subscription or $349 for a twelve month subscription.

Why FlexiSPY?
If you have been looking up the various monitoring options that are available to you, then you might have noticed that FlexiSPY is sometimes more expensive. Don’t let that throw you off, because FlexiSPY software is worth the price that you pay for it.

FlexiSPY gives you access to tools that would be unavailable to you with their competitors’ software. Features like being able to record the phone’s surroundings and being able to listen to a call that is currently taking place, not to mention the ability to spoof SMS messages and even filter out certain SMS messages before they even hit the target device’s inbox. FlexiSPY software lets you play an active role in the monitoring process and gives you more control over how and when the software effects the target. In other words, they don’t just bug the phone and let you see reports and logs of the device’s activity. That is what makes FlexiSPY so special and so worth the price.

Additionally, they have money-back guarantees and the service is top-notch; their knowledgeable staff is extremely patient and willing to walk you through every step of the installation process. Even those who do not consider themselves technologically savvy can use FlexiSPY with no problems.

Try FlexiSPY

Parents and business owners all have the right to peace of mind and often the freedoms that come with mobile technology can take that away. These days, children know how to work digital technology better than most adults and as a parent, it is your duty to protect them from predators and dangerous or age-inappropriate content. Business owners have the right to know what their employees are doing on their company-issued phones, as the temptation to slack off and play proves to be too tempting for many. You have the right to know what is going on in your own house or place of business. Exercise that right by purchasing FlexiSPY software and regain your peace of mind.

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Many parents these days are justifiably concerned about “sexting” - the sharing of nude photos or other sexually-oriented material over the internet. But the most important is prevent our children or teenagers from being abducted for pedophiles and  trafficking child.

Get Awareness Of How Your Child Uses Their Phone

What can you do?


FlexiSpy,  is currently on its way to becoming the undisputed leader in the cell phone monitoring software market.

FlexiSpy is a program that constantly monitors a target cell phone and keeping track of everything happened.

Oh, and by the way ...

I guarantee you FlexiSpy will give you immediate results.

Check out all FLEXISPY´s features:

FlexiSPY is the only product that allows you to spy on phone calls taking place on any Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Symbian Target, incoming or outgoing. It’s like having a direct line onto every call, hearing it live as it happens.
  • Listen to any call made to or from the Target, live and as it happens.
  • Spy on phone calls as easy as sending a secret SMS, or flipping a switch in your online Dashboard.
  • Completely stealth, the Target phone will not know you are on the call and listening in.
  • FlexiSPY is the only product that offers Call Intercept for iOS7 and Android


With FlexiSPY SMS Tracker you’ll see all SMS messages sent or received on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Symbian Target phone, even those that may have been deleted.
  • See Target’s SMS inbox and sent messages
  • Read full contents of all messages
  • See details such as contact names and numbers associated with SMS messages
  • Get time and date stamps

If your Target is an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Symbian and you want to see what software activity and know exactly what they install, when, and when they remove it then FlexiSPY and its ability to spy on their phone software activity is exactly what you need.
  • See a complete list of all installed software
  • See the name of the software installed
  • See everything about the software

If you want to spy on WhatsApp messages and your target is an Android or iPhone, then take a look at what you can do with FlexiSPY’s WhatsApp spying:
  • View WhatsApp chats along with message times and dates
  • View profile pictures and names of everyone who chats with them
  • View photos, video clips and listen to audio messages
  • Use any internet connected device to access captured information uploaded automatically to your online FlexiSPY dashboard.

If you want to see what images they have on their phone and what images they take then only FlexiSPY offers the most comprehensive image capturing available.

For iPhone or Android users if you want complete access to all the email accounts installed on the device then allow FlexiSPY to crack all their email passwords for you. 

With this feature you gain immediate access to all email accounts and their login details so you can immediately access the account on the TARGET device physically if you do not wish to wait for it to be uploaded to your online account.

Using FlexiSPY’s location tracking feature you can easily and quickly track the device from inside your online account. What’s more is that FlexiSPY allows you to view the historical location of the device allowing you to instantly see a path of all the known places that the device has been.

  • Take control of their phone camera remotely
  • Preview the image file inside your online account first before uploading the full picture to save time and bandwidth
  • Save the picture to your computer for easy reference
  • Remain hidden at all times

FlexiSPY allows you to track all web history from an iPhone or Android Target phone’s web browser.

  • See all web sites visited
  • Get time and date of each visit
  • All URL’s uploaded to online account Dashboard; click to visit any of them

FlexiSPY is not only the world’s most advanced smartphone monitoring software it is also the easiest to install. The process takes minutes and our live support can help you through this process.

Monitor From ANY Computer In The World!
You can see EVERYTHING from any computer or cell phone! Unlike other similar services (that still don't offer the unique features we do!)... all you need is internet access! 

How Does FlexiSpy Work?

FlexiSpy is probably the market leader in terms of stealth and undetectability, with a number of features that help to keep it hidden. It can’t be detected by task killer programs and does not show up in the task manager or application listings. There is no visible icon displayed anywhere.

All you do is install our software onto the target phone you want to monitor... installation is easy and only takes a minute! You can then view all recorded information from any computer in the world!


Once installed... there is absolutely no way of finding out if FlexiSpy is on your child's phone... it is completely invisible and in stealth mode! 

Will FlexiSpy Work With My Phone?

FlexiSpy works with almost every SmartPhone on the market as well as Blackberry models... 


Q. What is Flexispy?
A. Flexispy is a program that runs hidden from the user and sends information to the server whenever an event (calls and text messages) happens to be registered online. Once installed the spy program records all text messages, phone calls, and depending on the cell phone's location using GPS. All this activity is done discreetly and effectively without the user suspects that his phone is being spied on. 

Q. Why would I do that?
A. It all depends on each individual person, but here are some of the most common uses: single or married people who want to use it to find out if their partners are cheating, parents who use it to monitor their kids, directors and business owners use it to protect their businesses and to monitor their employees, young women who use it to find out if their fiancés are taking their relationship seriously.

Q. What if I get caught?
A. Once installed, Flexispy is undetectable and only the person who installed it knows of its existence. The program does not create a new menu, it displays an icon, and does not emit any sound. In conclusion, does not give any signal that can be detected by the person using the phone. 

Q. Is it really undetectable?
A. Yes, and we stand behind our guarantee. However, due to the nature of its use, Flexispy has been tested by our engineers in diverse situations to avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. 

Q. I am not good on softwares phones, how to install it?
A. The program is installed as follows: Once purchased a link is mailed to you, the code you need to install the application and manual. In the spied cell phone, you go to web browser, write the link and the installation begins. In less than two minutes will finish and enter the authorization code for last. That's it. The phone will send all your activity records through the Internet to your online account. No need to install anything on the PC, or laptop or another phone. Do not use any connection cables or installation will not take more than 5 minutes.

Flexispy is quickly becoming the most popular Cell Phone Monitoring Software, we have to tell you that our Risk Free Trial Offer isn't going to last long. 

Look, I know you need help at this point in your life and I've decided to help you even further by offering you my 60 DAY MONEY BACK - IF YOU ORDER RIGHT NOW! 

Order Flexispy, install it and monitor your target right away. If you find that it of absolute no use to you within 60 days, then just send it back to me and I will refund 100% of your money. 

On the other hand, if you find that it has helped you, then I want you to write me back and send me an email and tell me how it has helped you - that will make it my day!

Here's What You Should Do RIGHT NOW!

1. Register with Flexispy
2. Pay the fee of $ 68.00. Login to Members Area
4. Install Flexispy at (the) phone (s) target
5. Start monitor!